Counselling Service
For Women

Healing Starts With A Single Step

Meaningful change requires commitment, honest confrontation with yourself, and letting go of what you know while practicing and embracing what is new. 

I work with clients ready to take actionable steps toward their healing and goals. My counselling style is dedicated to helping you bridge the gap between wanting to change and heal, and actually implementing it.

If you’re ready to take the steps toward a better life, I would be honoured to walk alongside you and support you on your journey.

I offer in-person clinical counselling in East Vancouver and Burnaby and virtual clinical counselling across B.C. and parts of Canada.

Topics I Work With:




Body Image






Addictive Behaviour

Life Transitions

Positive Change

Hi, I am Adrienne.

Meet Your Therapist:

Since I could talk, I have been deeply curious about why people do what they do. My quest to understand human behaviour led me to become a nutritionist and counsellor. I have 15 years of combined experience in the industry.

Through my personal and professional experience, I have gained a profound understanding of how our past wounds can impact our choices and behaviours. I also understand what is required to make a change.

Having personally experienced profound transformation and healing, I know change is possible even in the toughest circumstances.

My approach is characterized by warm, nonjudgmental, direct support. I tailor sessions based on my clients’ needs using evidence-based techniques.


To ensure we are a good fit before beginning counselling sessions, I offer a free 15-minute phone call to all prospective clients. Each session after this is a 50-minute counselling session.

I offer individual counselling services to help you work through life’s challenges in a supportive and non-judgmental environment, using evidence-based approaches to help you develop the skills and insights you need to manage your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours more effectively.

Why See A Counsellor?

Life’s journey is like taking a walk with a bag on your back, filled with experiences—some lifting you up, others weighing you down. The tough ones can make life’s challenges feel like steep hills you’re not sure you can climb.

Counselling provides a safe space to unpack and explore these experiences’ significance and impact. By processing them, you can gradually lighten the load, heal, and move towards living the life you aspire to have.

How Therapy Can Support Healing:

Resilience: Bounce back from challenges and setbacks.

Empowerment: Make positive changes confidently.

Mindfulness: Cultivate inner calm and be present.

Emotional regulation: Manage intense emotions and regulate mood.

Self-compassion: Treat yourself kindly and understand your feelings.

Boundaries: Set healthy boundaries in relationships and life.

Trauma healing: Heal past traumas for greater peace.

Identity exploration: Understand your values, beliefs, and sense of self.

Self-care: Prioritize physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Personal growth: Discover potential for self-improvement.